Petrol doesn't grow on trees but apples do, if you cycle to work, or school a piece of fruit could be the only fuel you'll need
You can have fun and protect our environment at the same time.
Cycling is one of the least polluting ways to travel.

You make less noise, improve the air that we breathe and you get to talk to other people.
Cycling is great fun, on your own, or with family and friends.
You can find new places, and enjoy the real sights and sounds of the countryside

There are many adults who would like to start cycling, riding in traffic doesn't require nerves of steel, just a set of skills that anyone can learn.  The right skills will make your journey easier, safer and less stressful.  That's where the National Standards Bikeability cycle training comes in.  It's just as relevant for existing cyclists as it is to those starting out.  Using correct cycling techniques and controlling your bike confidently, can not only be fun, but safe as well

Feel the power of cycling

The great benefits of cycling are- 
Keeps you fit and healthy and saves you time and money.
Regular cycling helps keep the body trim and toned.
Cycling can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.
Cycling makes you feel good, which can keep anxiety and depression at bay.
Cycling can be quicker than driving.
It's cheaper, saving money on petrol and free parking

Cycling is a life skill. As a mum, I think it’s so important that we give our children the chance to learn how to cycle safely and independently.
If you need to improve your cycling, or just give your confidence a lift a few cycling lessons works wonders. 



If you are interested in a cycling lesson, whatever your aim or motivation just contact me.
Letchworth, Hertfordshire
07708 402457

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